Barbudans approve Lighthouse Bay extension project



The Barbudan populace has given the thumbs up to the Lighthouse Bay extension project, one of three discussed at a recent village meeting. While chairman of the Barbuda Council, Kelvin Punter, expressed pleasure at the outcome of the gathering, the Antigua Labour Party representative on the Barbuda Council, Senator Arthur Nibbs, said he was disappointed that only one project received clearance from the villagers.

“We had a very interesting and productive village meeting last night,” Punter said. “We had three projects on the cards that were discussed and at the end of it, with all the input and opinions, we got the consent of the people for Lighthouse Bay only.”

He added that the investor, who is a Barbudan, will get an additional 30 acres to the 15 already set aside for the project. When asked if this amount of land given to one investor was excessive, he said when compared to other development initiatives it was not. “When you look at other projects like Coco Point and K Club you’re talking about 100 plus acres,” he said. “So an additional 30 acres for a project that has actually started shows that they have interest. He said the 45 acres would be used for a condominium-style development.

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