Barbuda Land Act 2007

Today the Barbuda Council released copies of the latest and final version of the Bill for the proposed Barbuda Land Act. As part of the ongoing consultation process, Barbudans may collect their copies from the Council’s administration office during the its working hours of 8 am to noon and 1 pm to 4 pm.

The Bill is for an Act to establish and confirm that all land in Barbuda is owned in common by Barbudans and makes clear that the law relating to land in Barbuda is different from the law relating to land in Antigua. The Act will codify in one statute all the laws applying to land on the island. The Barbuda Council will be responsible for the administration and development of land on Barbuda. The Act will establish a Commission of Inquiry to investigate leases already granted here. A Land Registry, a Barbuda Planning Commission, and a National Park Authority will be established and will be responsible to the Barbuda Council.

Here is the full detail of the Barbuda Land Act 2007.

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