Barbuda Council Election Day

Barbudans went to the polls to elect five new councillors to serve four-year terms on the Barbuda Council. All the candidates were male. The new Barbuda Councillors are:

  • Kelvin Punter (445 votes )
  • Courtney Burton (404 votes)
  • Fabian Jones (384 votes)
  • Lincoln Burton (379 votes)
  • James (T C) Beazer (376 votes)

They join George “Profit” Burton (BPMC), Dave Desouza (BPM), Arthur Nibbs (BPMC), and Everit Thomas (BPMC) on the Barbuda Council.

Below we list the candidates, parties represented, and votes gained.

Candidate Party Votes gained
James (T C) Beazer BPM 376
Mario Beazer BPMC 303
Tyrone Beazer BPMC 355
Courtney Burton BPM 404
Lincoln Burton BPM 379
Jean Cephas BPMC 306
Calvin Gore BPMC 357
Reuben James Independent 74
Fabian Jones BPM 384
Kelvin Punter BPM 445
Hilroy Thomas BPMC 301

The new councillors will be sworn in after Easter by Mrs Dorothy Symister, the Secretary to the Council. The swearing-in will be at a meeting chaired by the representative, Trevor Walker. The Barbuda Council will be reconstituted, with new members and chairman for each committee. A new senator will be appointed; Atkinson Beazer is the current Barbuda Council appointed senator.

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