Barbuda – a ‘stunning spot’ for the RORC

The 12th edition of the ever-popular 600-mile dash around 11 Caribbean islands – the RORC (Royal Ocean Racing Club) Caribbean 600 – set off from Antigua on Monday 24th February. The diverse fleet compete in four classes, with 74 entries sailed by over 700 crew members representing 37 nations. This Australian sailing website describes Barbuda, as they sail to the south-west coast of us.

‘After a sublime start and a reach up to Barbuda in beautiful conditions, the majority of the fleet experienced the first trap of the course. Just before sunset on the first day, the wind shadow of Barbuda enveloped the armada. The halt in progress was short-lived and looking on the bright side, Barbuda is a stunning spot to pause to watch the sun go down. After rounding the Barbuda mark, the fleet were back in the breeze heading west on a starboard gybe. Choosing when to gybe south to round Nevis would have been the main strategic call. Tactically, with the boats super-compressed, night fighting for wind and position would have taken on guerrilla tactic proportions’

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