The proposed Paradise Found Bill

The latest strategy in the attempt to force the Paradise Found project on the people of Barbuda is unveiled in the Antigua Observer today. The government will try to fast track a Paradise Found Bill.  Barbudans did not give the project the ‘official go-ahead’ in March but as usual the ignorance of the Antiguan press when it comes to reporting accurate Barbuda current affairs and recognising our history, floats to the surface in every article just to ratchet up the conflict between the two islands when there isn’t any other news. Even the name Paradise Found smacks of colonialism. As P J Patterson recently said to the UK Prime Minister about Camerons revisionist view of the Atlantic trade in slaves, ‘The ‘resilience and spirit’ of our people is no ground to impair the solemnity of a privileged Parliamentary occasion and allow the memory of our ancestors to be offended once again.’ He could have been talking to de Niro. 

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