Paying It All Back

Why would you buy back land that you already own? This is the offer on the table from Gaston Browne – $1 for a title deed to land that is worth $$$ millions and has been fought for since slavery. Of course if you are from Antigua, Jamaica, Dominica, Guyana, the USA, UK or any of our other friends and neighbours maybe already living on Barbuda you can see the appeal – wait long enough and you will get what you waited for – free or cheap land. If you vote for some people of course they will promise you huge wealth and prosperity – that ‘personal gift’ of cash you get at election time; the new jeep, the alcohol: it’s there to make sure you bring it home for them and is part of the deal.

Don’t build a strong hurricane-proof house; have a much bigger Caribana!  But now we know – if you want your home rebuilt after a devastating hurricane, you’re gonna have to pay it all back. 

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