Poor quality education continues in Barbuda

Following the report that students are having to be taught outside because of lack of classroom space and resources in Barbuda, the Minister of Education has been quick to respond. In 2014 Arthur Nibbs shared the same opinion. Nibbs even then told OBSERVER Media that ‘… currently, there are space shortages at McChesney George and not enough teachers.’

Sir McChesney George Secondary School was built following prolonged pressure from the people of Barbuda to improve education on Barbuda. One of their demands was to have a long overdue separate setting for secondary education on Barbuda. Until then, all children – infants and seniors – went to Holy Trinity together, as in other under-developed nations where minimum standards are not met and excellence in education is denied the population. SMGSS was too small when it was built then and there has been an acute shortage of qualified, interested and motivated teachers for thirty years, which is why most Barbudans who are able send their children away from Barbuda to be educated. And then they never want to come back.

But some Barbudan teachers are returning to Barbuda, to improve education here and with their own first hand experiences of it as children. They will be the positive role models of the future and the inspiration for the next generation, not some official from Antigua.  


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