NODS try to add up the costs

According to the Observer (not known for their accuracy when it comes to facts) NODS (National Office for Disaster Services) are trying to account for all the donations that came to Antigua for Barbuda, and are finding it difficult. Well, that’s not a surprise…I’m sure they have absolutely no idea where to start because they are controlled by higher powers who are certainly going to have to make it all up. But there is no doubt that a great deal of it stayed in Antigua and contributed to the Antigua economy to the extent that many Antiguans benefitted from our disaster, and some more than others. It would be an interesting calculation – to see how much the aid given by you for Barbuda contributed to the Antigua economy? In a more organised, self-determining and transparent Barbuda administration, the whole lot should have come to the Barbuda Council. We have sunk to such depths of corruption that it is going to be hard to get back to those days, but we will get there.

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