Emrick John is elected in lowest ever turn out on Barbuda

One of the lowest turn outs ever on Barbuda saw Mr Emrick John (ABLP) elected onto Council in the by-election of 29th September, winning by 96 votes against Paul Nedd (BPM).  This disinterest in the political system has three issues at it’s core –

  • Frustration at the lack of progress on Barbuda to improve things for ordinary people – the water supply, a port of entry. and positive and worthwhile investment in sustainable eco-tourism – by those who claim to represent their communities and the community interest, but instead put more effort into feathering their own nests.
  • The long drawn out general election that has just passed and which created this bye-election.
  • The ineffective and outdated Council structure which is simply ‘jobs for the boys’, discouraging private enterprise, encouraging dependency but still unable even to organise the most basic tasks such as workers pay effectively.

Things must change.

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