Donations to Barbuda

if you see this, it came from us

if you see this, it came from usMany people have asked where to send donations to organisations that are based in Barbuda, or to Barbudans raising funds for Barbuda or for Barbudans themselves. We started our own fund immediately which was initially intended to raise enough for satellite phones, to avoid the long communication delay after the hurricane hit, and the worrying and inaccurate news we experienced. In fact the fund has achieved much more than this and we are now using it for a supported clean-up to enable people to return home, and also filled two donated containers full of tools and supplies.

UPDATE – There is still currently little or no income in Barbuda. Many people have lost their boats, their taxi’s and their guest houses. If you wish to donate to this website or to help anyone you know please contact us and we will pass on all individual donations. 

Other funds are being organised by Barbuda Rise in Leicester, Blue Halo, Barbuda Cottages, Coco Point Trust.


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