Dawnamay Beazer

This is Dawnamay, who lives and works on the island. We outline details of Dawnamay’s family, her employment history, and interests.

bb: how old are you?

DB: I am 48 years old.

bb: tell us about your family background?

DB: I was born in Barbuda and have lived here most of my life, although I lived in Antigua for three years. I have travelled to Puerto Rico and the USA. I am married with two children. My husband and daughter are teachers at the Holy Trinity School; my daughter is a graduate of the University of the West Indies. My son is a chef at The Beach House at Palmetto Point.

bb: what is your job description?

DB: I am civil servant at the Barbuda Post Office and Central Government Office. I am the cashier, I collect revenue, prepare wages, deliver packages, and collect duty.

bb: what skills are required?

DB: I need to be able to deal with members of the public, to be friendly, helpful and efficient. Being good at maths is helpful with balancing the accounts.

bb: how do you spend your free time?

DB: I enjoy making crafts,walking, nature, and poetry. I have written poetry since I was in school at age 15. I was encouraged by teachers and have written several poems since then. The themes are the paths of life, the mighty hand of God, and my island home … here is one –

“If one journeys into our woods
and is greeted by the aroma
one thinks the Almighty God has given us a part of Eden.”

bb: That’s so lovely! Thank you Dawnamay, we wish you well for the future.

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