Barbuda Ocean Festival

Taken from Barbudango facebook page – the organisers of our annual Barbuda Ocean Festival, this year held on December 4th. It was kindly sponsored by Barbuda Belle hotel, Blue Halo, Deborah Brosnan and others.
‘If you missed Ocean Festival 2021, you missed one whale of a time! We are all still recovering from the fun 😅. barbudanGO would like to thank every single one of you who came out as well as everyone who contributed in any way to the event’.
Here are the results of all competitions (just in case you missed it):
*Traditional & Unique seafood competition
1st place Tenesha & Jezette
2nd place Action Alley
*Junior swimming competition
1st place Whitfield Gore
2nd place Niesean Ogarro
*Senior swimming competition
1st place Malcolm Beazer
2nd place N’Tini Henry
*Barracuda Category: Largest & most barracuda – Shane Jeffrey
*Largest fish – Nico Antonio
*Most weight & most fish caught – Shiraz Hopkins
*Most different species – tie between Neil Joseph & Jordan Phillip.
There you have it guys! We hope to see you again next year!