APUA – blah blah blah…

‘The head of the electricity division within the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) has cited several challenges plaguing the reconnection of electricity on Barbuda, but has given the assurance that the process is being handled in an efficient manner…’

Well, it doesn’t appear to be the case if you LIVE in Barbuda. Eighteen months of this. Are they kidding? To re-connect 600 homes? I for one am still waiting for my current to be connected – to posts that didn’t even fall down in Hurricane Irma!

So far, I have spent more than $60 ec every two days on gas for a generator that I can only afford to have on for four hours a day. Over two years that will be nearly $22,000 ec, Mr Mathias..And guess who all that money will have gone to? The Honourable Mr Trevor Walker MP who owns the gas station.

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