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Eda Frank

Eda Frank recently passed away, she was a neighbour and friend; advice giver, entrepreneur, my [...]

Asha Naomi Frank

I was born in Leicester in the UK on the 26th January 1989 and first [...]

Odelia Deazle

My full name is Odelia Christine Cecelia Deazle. I was born on 2nd June 1999 [...]

Jermaine (Smurf) Joyce

Welcome to It’s My Life! We are so pleased to hear a bit about your [...]

Dorcas Gwendolyn Corrilla Eliza Beazer – Williams

  bb: Hello Dorcas, Tell us about your names… DBW: I was born on 16 [...]

Matthew Goodwin Gregory John

bb: Hello Matthew, tell us where you were born, how old you are and a [...]

James Phillip Gerald

bb: Hello James, tell us a bit about yourself JG: I was born on August [...]

Allyson Trunzer

bb: Hi Allyson, what is your full name and how old are you? AT: Allyson [...]