anchorages on Barbuda

A helicopter's view of Coco PointWhite Bay (Spanish Point)
The most popular anchorages are at Coco Point (left) and Spanish Point (right) which are both on the south coast. If you are moored here it will be a considerable distance to cycle or taxi into the village but a phone call to any of the tour guides or taxis will bring someone out to your boat. You are not encouraged to go into the private Coco Point Lodge hotel which is located on this beach although all beaches in Antigua and Barbuda are open to the public on the waterline.
Yachts at Low Bay River Wharf May 2016

There are also anchorages at Low Bay (pic left) on the west of the island where you will see the closed Lighthouse Hotel in front of you. From here you will need to call a boat (sea taxi) to get across the Lagoon into the village or carry your dinghy over the sand. Please note that it is forbidden to use your own dinghy to visit the Frigate bird sanctuary from here.

Some boats also come to River Wharf (pic right) which has recently been improved for mooring but there isn't much space to get in and out here as it is  the harbour used by the ferry and by cargo boats, but it is nearer to the village.

A new mooring at Uncle Roddy's has been marked out by buoys to assist those who want to arrive and leave from Coral Group - call him for details.

Contact any of the land or sea taxi operators to meet your boat, they are familiar with the needs of visiting yachts and can carry you to all the essential services quickly. Their prices are set by the Barbuda Council and you can ask to see a copy of these rates if you wish. Most things you need in the way of everyday items can be bought in the village and can be found on the shopping page or on the business page. Although Barbuda can be very expensive as we have to import nearly everything ourselves, we really appreciate your visits to support our shops and services. We ask you to contact the waste disposal experts to get rid of your rubbish if necessary. 

Yacht Services

It's a Bit Fishy

Rosalind offers her past experience in five star hotels to visiting Superyachts. Call ahead for assistance with customs/immigration clearance and for concierge services such as VIP airport meet/greet, private plane, helicopter and boat charters, beauty therapy and massage, specialist provisioning such as fresh seafood as well as full set-up for remote beach events.  Her husband Arthur, a Barbudan with in depth knowledge of the island offers island water tours, deep sea sports fishing and is also available to assist with technical and mechanical problems onboard. Visa/Mastercard accepted.  For more information see their website here or call (268) 783 8073.

Embellish Beauty Therapy

Afiya Frank is a qualified beauty practitioner who trained in the UK. She can visit your yacht or hotel for a wide range of beauty treatments, wedding preparation and other holistic therapies using her natural handmade Barbudan products including seaweed and sea salt scrubs and lotions. Contact Afiya on (268) 734-1410


The ArtCafe in the village opens for lunches and in the evening for pre-booked suppers serving local Barbudan food especially fish and Caribbean cocktails in a pretty candlelit village setting. Ring Claire to choose your menu on (268) 4600434

Thomas and Sons Waste Disposal and Re-cycling

This friendly and efficient service collects annd disposes of all household waste including our local village collection once every week. If you are a visiting yacht or a hotel you can also call for a special collection to come to you anywhere on the island. Gregory and his team will dispose of your rubbish in the right place; do not give your rubbish to other unlicenced collectors as they may not dispose of it properly. And please do not leave your rubbish on the beaches. Call Hilroy Thomas at home on (268) 4600015 or on 770-4967 or 721-1268. Call Greg on 734-2045 or 722-2045 and Ted Thomas on 722-5511.


Information for yachts on clearing into and out of Barbuda is given on the next page.

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