UN responds to BPM

The challenge to the unconstitutional Paradise Found Act and the cynical treatment of the people of Barbuda by Gaston Browne and his cronies has begun as the UN look at the facts of the case and pass it on to their specialists in minority rights, land and culture. Purely by coincidence this is also the year that Antigua (a long time member of the UN and supposed subscriber to the necessity for self-determination in minority rights, land and culture) is chosen to be reviewed, as all member countries are on a three year cycle. Ha! This is not good for Antigua, or for De Niro who has championed human rights cases in the past and presumably wants a good relationship with the people of the island that he and his mates hope to visit. While we celebrate his re-opening of K Club it is clear to those of us who work in tourism that most of our (many and varied) current visitors are appalled that Barbuda should lose its unique place in the world to the likes of Mariah Carey, James Packer and a $$$$$ game of roulette. He is being used by the ALP, as has happened many times before on Barbuda, and in the previous attempts to do this Barbuda won. So it’s not too late Mr De Niro – distance yourself from these ignorant people before you are in too deep. 

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