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Barbudans have always managed their own resources carefully with our small population doing everyday sustainable fishing in small boats, close to shore and with hand-made fish pots or small nets and lines.

Over the last two years a consultation process with the Barbuda Council, local fishers and the Waitt Institute has resulted in the Barbuda Blue Halo Initiative, one of the first of three in this area of the Caribbean.

Waitt have contributed much needed financial and human resources to work with local people to map and record in detail the Barbuda fisheries and the consultation process, and as a result the Barbuda Council has allocated a series of no fishing zones around the island to establish sanctuaries to conserve fish populations and the habitats that support them.

This project has raised issues with fishers who feel the Blue Halo project may ignore traditionally established laws and practices, such as women and children without boats using nets in the Lagoon which is easily accessible in the village, and effectively forces Barbudans to go further out to sea in small boats to fish in deeper and more dangerous waters.

Serious problems for our fisheries such as other Caribbean nationals coming to Barbuda to fish in our waters with impunity, stealing from our pots or destroying reefs with bleach and explosives, and the hugely destructive international fishing industry including Japanese trawlers, still need to be addressed.

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Special thanks must go to the Waitt Institute who have remained in Barbuda since Hurricane Irma and taken on many other difficult and pressing issues to support Barbuda in this time with their Recovery and Conservation Trust Fund.