a visitor with his fish
the biggest fish and competition winner

Larger fish such as kingfish, dolphin or mahi mahi, tuna, and barracuda are caught and sold to the hotels in the season but most Barbudans lack the large and powerful boats needed to go further out to sea, although Barbuda Belle has a fishing boat for guests. However, large barrracuda can be seen close to shore in the waters around the island and are eaten widely in Barbuda, on the whole they do not carry the Ciguatera poison which prevents their consumption in other parts of the Caribbean.
Very big shark are caught and eaten and some Barbudans still make medicinal shark oil to send to Antigua. The Fisheries complex on Codrington lagoon has facilitated local fishers potential to earn more from this industry – storing equipment and keeping their catch on ice so that in future it can be exported in much larger quantities throughout the Caribbean.

Cooking fresh caught lobster outside on a wood fire
catching a ray at north beach