Business on Barbuda

Here we highlight some of the many small businesses on and for Barbuda; these are often found by word of mouth and are not advertised. Barbudan businesses can be bought, sold or leased and often change hands, so if you are interested in bringing a business to Barbuda contact any of us here or get in touch with the Barbuda Council.

BeautyMay Fish Supplies

beautymayBeautymay John is a fisher who can supply fresh lobster and fish. She goes out once or twice a week and sometimes keeps some freshly frozen fish at home. If you call her on (268) 726-5138 she can take your order. From $15ec per pound for fish - more if cleaned or scaled.

CaribEx Imports

Shipping to Barbuda twice a week, this business can bring anything you want from the US right to Barbuda, either by sea or air. Just order on E Bay, Amazon or wherever you like and ship to their US mailbox address, where it will be forwarded to you here in Barbuda for a small fee payable through ACB. Whatsapp Simone 722-5174 or visit

Danville Vegetables and Herbs

a yard full of herbs and plantsJust across from the Holy Trinity church you can buy fresh parsley, fennel and thyme, and other vegetables such as cabbage and spinach when ready from Mr Danville Aaron. This yard is full to the brim of delicious fresh vegetables and herbs.

Embellish Beauty Therapy

N'Chika has a back and shoulder massage Embellish is a beauty and holistic therapy business run by Afiya Frank, a fully trained practitioner in the art of massage, facials, reflexology, and other treatments. She is available to book by appointment only and can arrange to come to your home, hotel or yacht. Afiya can be contacted on (+1268) 734-1410.

Frances Beazer Eggs

Frances at her chicken farmFrances Beazer, a founder member of the Barbuda Farmers' Co-Operative (BFC) has a successful egg production project with 350 hens producing 15 dozen eggs a day. She will deliver and can be contacted on (268) 460-0675.



boys by ice shopIn spite of Irma completely destroying the house (pictured) you can still buy ice on River Road from Netta and Charles' home as they rebuild it. You can also find it in Lil Lincs grocery store or from the gas station. The Fisheries building supplies ice in large quantities (this is salt ice - not suitable for drinks but good for cool boxes and fishing)

Sheraz Hopkins

pigs in a penSheraz breeds and produces fresh meat to order, including delicious oven-ready chickens, guinea birds and ducks. He keeps a wide range of larger stock too including cattle, sheep and pigs. Call him to see what he has. He can be contacted on (268) 724 - 2813.

Silver Seal Freight

cargo boats 2016 Silver Seal freight reliably delivers goods between Antigua and Barbuda on a weekly basis, bringing all we need to Barbuda for our everyday use including furniture, shop supplies, building materials, paint and almost anything else you can think of. For items that are too big for the plane or ferry, contact Fabian Jones on (268) 772-5028

Thomas and Sons Waste Disposal and Re-cycling

Gregory in the truckThis friendly and efficient service collects annd disposes of all household waste including our local village collection once every week. If you are a visiting yacht or a hotel you can also call for a special collection to come to you anywhere on the island. Gregory and his team will dispose of your rubbish in the right place; do not give your rubbish to other unlicenced collectors as they may not dispose of it properly. And please do not leave your rubbish on the beaches. Call Hilroy Thomas at home on (268) 4600015 or on 770-4967 or 721-1268. Call Greg on 734-2045 or 722-2045 and Ted Thomas on 722-5511.

Xpress Mobile Car Wash

mobile car washErton Williams will bring his business to you, a fully equipped van complete with vacuum, water, wax and everything you need to keep your vehicle in great condition inside and out. Call him on Tel: (268) 722 - 2543 for the price and an appointment.

For Sale or Rent

We are often asked if there are shops, businesses and other properties available to rent or buy on Barbuda. Contact the Barbuda Council if you are looking to rent or buy a property on Barbuda, or contact us if you want to advertise your business or property on the website.


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