Devin Jeffrey

bb: Hi Devin, how old are you?

DJ: I am 16 years old.

bb: tell us about yourself

DJ: I was born in Barbuda where I live with my parents. I have three brothers and three sisters and have family members who live in England, the USA, and Antigua.

bb: describe your average day at school

DJ: School starts at 8 am when we have assembly in the main hall. We say prayers, sing hymns, and our prinicpal reads notices. Sessions begin at 8.30 am for 2 hours until recess, which lasts for 25 minutes. Lessons begin again at 11 am until 12.10 pm when we have a short recess of 10 minutes. Sessions continue from 12.20 pm until the school day ends at 1.30 pm. I have to attend extra classes and study sessions in the afternoon and evening as I will be taking CXC exams in June this year.

bb: What are your favourite subjects?

DJ: My favourite subjects are information technology and social studies. I also study English language and literature, agricultural science, biology, chemistry, maths, and typing, My hobbies and interests include playing basketball and cricket, computing and playing video games.

bb: you visited england recently?

DJ: I visited England in August 2002 to play cricket with the Holy Trinity School cricket team. Sixteen boys went with a teacher and two people from the Barbuda Council.

DJ: We left Barbuda on the morning flight to Antigua, where we spent the day at Joe Mike's Hotel and went shopping in St John's. We left for the UK at around 6 pm the same evening on Virgin Atlantic. The flight took nearly 9 hours. We were met at Gatwick Airport and driven to Northampton in a minivan. We stayed at Molton College, where I shared a room with my brother, Pearman, who was also a member of the team. We ate in the college restaurant.

DJ: The cricket team played six one-day matches and two two-day matches in two weeks. We won the first match and drew three, including the two-day matches. We met the international cricket umpire Dickie Bird at Lords Cricket Ground when we were watching a game between Yorkshire and Gloucestershire. After two weeks we returned to Antigua, where we stayed at Joe Mike's Hotel again and returned to Barbuda the next day.

bb: what were your impressions of England?

DJ: I enjoyed our trip to England very much as we met family members who were living there. The only thing that was a problem for us was the weather. Although it was summer it was freezing cold, especially at night. This time the trip was for cricket, but next time I'm in England it‘s going to be for pleasure.

bb: Thank you Devin, we wish you well for the future.

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Now, it's been too long.
Too long, too long in slavery.
Free the people and let them move in liberty
Now, it's been too long.
Too long, too long in slavery.
So the struggle continue.
But while the struggle continue, I'm going to tell you.
We rastaman will set the world free...

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