Land registration survey

The newly employed Land Registration Officer will be visiting each residence and business to determine the ownership of homes, businesses, and other structures. The officer will also determine the registration status of land.

From 1 July 2005 the newly employed Land Registration Officer will visit each residence and business in Barbuda to determine

  • Ownership of land.
  • Ownership of home, business, or other structure of the land.
  • Contact information for the owners of all land and buildings, for example name, address, telephone, and email address.
  • Present use of structure(s) on the land.
  • Registration status of the land at the Agriculture and Land Office of the Barbuda Council. Unregistered land will be registered by the Land Registration Officer shortly after the visit.

This exercise will ensure that all land in Barbuda will become registered land with its individual parcel identification number and relevant ownership information. For more information contact the Barbuda Planning Commission on 268 562 2085.

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