Judge Cottle refuses to grant injunction

High Court Justice Brian Cottle has refused to give permission to the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM) to challenge the approval processes in the Paradise Found multi-million dollar resort project in Barbuda. Those who left the meeting distraught and angry at the contempt shown to Barbudans regarding the full details of the project and the illegal voting procedure know that this battle is not going to be easy – and they will appeal. 

The judgement appears to have –

1. Ignored the law requiring Council to publish full details of the proposal with notice for the meeting at the five locations in the village specified in the regulations.

2. Overlooked the fact that the Cabinet had made their decision regarding the project in November 2014, which was three months before the Barbudan people actually saw the proposal.
3. Not accepted that the voting procedure at the meeting was faulty, intimidating and open to fraud.
4. Not understood that including non-Barbudans on the voting list make the ballot invalid.
5. Accepted the ballot not the basis of law but on a spurious claim by Nibbs that it was agreed by him and Walker.
6. Cited a previous land tribunal mentioned in the judgement (Astaphan) which was only relevant for the cutting of wood and coal burning.

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