HTS Young Leaders celebrate Black History Month

The Young Leaders project for 2005 is Strengthening Caribbean Society – Our Vision, Our Culture, Our People. The Young Leaders have decided to use the Black History Month celebrations as part of their project and are organising and implementing the activities throughout the school.

The Young Leaders intend to transform the Holy Trinity School into a Caribbean village. Each class/form will research and display information about a Caribbean country in their classrooms. The students will research the country’s flag, national symbol, map, leader, national idol, national animal, national dress, main airport, local dish, and main crops.

The main events in the month of February are

  • February 1 – flag-raising ceremony and dramatic presentations
  • February 4 – dramatic presentation by Young Leaders
  • February 7 – hair extravaganza
  • February 17 – Caribbean soul food fair
  • February 25 – Caribbean knowledge quiz
  • February 28 – dress day presentation

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