Gaston seeks supporters for Turbidy/DeJoria

As if the terms of the De Niro project weren’t bad enough at least he’s A list. Gaston’s ever-open door to the queue of greed-driven billionaires waiting for Barbuda’s salt ponds and wildlife to be divvied up for their benefit is looking desperate. Presumably he knows DeJoria (long time conservationist…?!!) donated to Ted Cruz’ racism-driven election campaign in the US of A but doesn’t care.

Gaston must be wondering how Antigua can claim the fastest economic growth in the Caribbean without securing his income from Barbuda land. That money certainly wouldn’t be staying in Barbuda. His ridiculous assertion that Barbudans are ‘virtually 100% subsidised by central government’ was long disproved by an economist invited here by Council to research accurate data, to put to rest the same backward opinions perpetuated by the Bird government for over twenty years. And most Antiguans know this. For a so called twin-island state we are fleeced daily by the Browne government – through transport to Antigua and other indirect taxes – as everything we do outside of Barbuda goes into an Antiguan business – even our money is saved in an Antiguan bank.

So none of the the small independent family-run businesses, the homes built without mortgages, the sustainable tourism in small locally-owned guest houses count to the men in Antigua (and their friendly facilitators in Barbuda.) They are only interested in money.


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