Devon Warner wins Council seat for BPM

Mr Devon Warner has won the by-election held on Barbuda, following the unexpected death of BPM Councillor Freeston Thomas last month. Mr Hesketh Daniel stood as an Independent candidate and the ALP did not contest the seat at all. A low turn out resulted in 443 of the 1,167 registered voters casting ballots, with 70% going to Mr Warner.

Box 1 – Warner (113); Daniel (42); spoiled ballots (2).

Box 2 – Warner (93); Daniel (46); spoiled ballots (0).

Box 3 – Warner (103); Daniel (44); spoiled ballots (0).

There are currently nine BPM Councillors: Wayde Burton (Chair) Kendra Beazer, Nadia George, Jacqui Frank, Calsey Joseph and Sharima Myers. And two ALP Councillors Senator Knacyntar Nedd and Mackeisha Desuza. The Barbuda MP, Mr Trevor Walker, sits as an ex-officio member of the Council and serves as it’s Vice Chairperson.