Clean Sweep for BPM

A total of 3,645 votes were counted last night in the Council election – which saw a complete rejection of Antigua Labour Party (ALP) policies on Barbuda as all five seats went to the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM) – and indicating a turnout of almost one in three of the island’s population. However, newly elected Mackenzie Frank said the Council is keen to work with the ALP Central government.

‘What has been done today is historic.There was a time when there was an all BPM council and at that time our aim was to separate from Antigua, but now our greatest task is to rebuild the economy of the island and we are looking at the central government to come and sit around the table.’ he said. Mr Frank has a great deal of experience working with Antigua on Barbuda’s behalf and has served his island as both a previous Secretary of the Barbuda Council, and a Senator with the UPP government.

UPP political leader Harold Lovell said, ‘The results of the Council elections demonstrate resounding confidence in the BPM and an absolute rejection of Prime Minister Gaston Browne and the Antigua Labour Party. It is clear that the support previously enjoyed by his administration has drastically diminished, as the people have become tired of his abusive and insensitive leadership.’