BPM are back – two more seats in Council

With BPM candidates winning the first two boxes at the count and doing better than expected in the third, the ABLP came back in the fourth box and ended up sharing the election seats two each – Trevor Walker and Salim Cephas won for BPM and Robbie Burton and Emrick John for ABLP. Trevor Walker revived his political career with a solid lead of 460, Robbie was second with 439 and brings her considerable business skills to an all male group, Salim Cephas starts his political career with 429 and Emrick John scraped in with 423. Wesley Beazer (421) and Fabian Jones (386) were runners up.

A good result for BPM who unlike ABLP didn’t spend any money on their campaign because they don’t need to. Nadia John for BPM (422) has requested a recount when a spoilt ballot appeared to be counted in ABLP favour. It ain’t over yet!



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