barbuda turf club

On 29 February the Barbuda Turf Club held its first race meeting of 2004. The meeting began with a welcome ceremony involving the executive of the Antigua Turf Club. There was a betting booth run by Canute Thomas in the grandstand. Donkey races were a special attraction. Refreshments were available with 3 beers for $10. Entry was $5 for adults.

On this page we list the interim committee of the Barbuda Turf Club. We have the horses, their owners and trainers together with the winners and jockeys of each race. View the winners for the meeting on 29 February 2004.

interim committee

  1. Walter Desouza
  2. Henry Griffin
  3. Abishur Thomas
  4. Hawkins Walker
  5. John Webber


Horses Owners Trainers
Believe It Dwight Benjamin Dwight Benjamin
Burning Flames Hawkins Walker Lyndon Cephas
Catchmeifucan John Webber John Webber
Danger Percival Francis Austin Desouza
Draw de Line Dwight Finch Sheville Charles
Ghetto Girl Calvin Gore Orlando Morris
Gladiator Mohamed Walbrook Emrick Macneish
Lion Heart Calvin Gore Orlando Morris
Mek Way Cartroy Nedd Cartroy Nedd
Mister D Walter Desouza Walter Desouza
Ocean Pride Alexander Desouza Alexander Desouza
Royal Princess Abishur Thomas Abishur Thomas
Royalty Abishur Thomas Abishur Thomas
Silver Tail Cohen Desouza Zane Teague
Special Promise Cleo Issac/Percival Francis Austin Desouza
Superman Zane Teague Zane Teague
Surprise Joe Beazer Kevin Richards
Switch Blade Romeo Desouza Romeo Desouza
Unconcerned Everett Thomas Everett Thomas

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