Barbuda Land Act – why we need it

The Prime Minister’s lack of interest in the self-determination of Barbudan people to control their own land, and their sustainable development of it, continues: ‘We have to be careful in the duplication of the overall management infrastructure. It’s a unitary state and I find (that) within the Barbuda Land Act they’re trying to carve out a different space for Barbuda, as if Barbuda is independent of Antigua. As far as I am concerned, there should be one uniform national legislation to govern development right through the country. I don’t see why Barbuda needs to have any special committee, or any special law to govern development…’ he is quoted in the Observer as saying.

Meanwhile the Gravesnor Virdee Development continues without any clarification for the Barbudan people, the current status of the De Niro project is unknown; both projects imposed on Barbudans by the priviliged few who are party to it and both huge and unnecessary developments continue to threaten acres of natural salt ponds, willdlife habitats and will inevitably bring about legal action.

This would be unnecessary if Government Ministers, their Council ‘representatives’ and so-called investors simply respected the terms of the Act.

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