Bank Protest – We Deserve Better

Thirty Barbudans travelled from Barbuda to Antigua at their own expense to protest about the time it is taking ACB to return banking services to Barbuda, almost 18 months after the hurricane. Other protesters joined us there and there were many supporters watching, as they discovered we usually have to pay a $220 return fare to come to the Antigua branch to pay in a cheque! We reminded the bank that they have a duty to their customers in Barbuda as well as in Antigua. The bank in Barbuda remains in a derelict state with an ATM that only dispenses $100 ec at a time, if it works at all. Visitors cannot access money for tours and accommodation, stifling our economy.  The bank appeared to be embarrassed by the protest but no one from the bank made any statement to the protesters. Meanwhile, their ‘loyal customers’ are looking elsewhere for new accounts.