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Council take Government to court

It has been a long established fact that Barbudans contribute substantially to the twin-island state [...]

Councillors court case adjourned

The court case brought against Council members Devon Warner and Secretary of Council Paul Nedd [...]

DeJoria’s reward…

…for propping up a morally (and fiscally) bankrupt government, Mr John Paul DeJoria can have [...]

Barbuda Green Energy

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda Press Release states: ‘…it is collaborating with the Government [...]

Sport needs funding

All sports need funding but the background to our tennis court needs explaining. The court was [...]

You have been warned…

The history of Barbuda is littered with failed projects – from the sublime to the [...]

Slow progress (still) for SMGSS

Building work is continuing at SMGSS to add long overdue facilities to the secondary school [...]

Pensioners are kept waiting…

As if Covid itself wasn’t bad enough a worry for our elderly on Barbuda, they [...]

Barbuda land is not for sale

The government will vote on Thursday on another, probably final, amendment to the Barbuda Land [...]

Inevitably. secession is off the table

Well, we kinda knew this would happen right? UPP are claiming they can’t let us [...]