Antigua and Barbuda together ever?

Joanne C Hillhouse of Antigua writes in the Huffington Post….

It has been disappointing observing all this play out, particularly some of the language lobbed at Barbudans (described as ungrateful squatters and, infamously by Browne, deracinated imbeciles’) In many ways, it has been the worst of us. I believe that Barbudans, still facing an uncertain future, have been traumatized by Irma and some of what has followed. I wish that we could be Antigua and Barbuda, prioritizing Barbudans’ interests, working together to figure out a future that adjusts for our various shared vulnerabilities — economic, political and climate related.

Yes, so do we.

There is an alternative view of Barbuda’s self determination that we could both be proud of. But as was apparent at John McCains funeral in the USA, we have to call our leaders out for what they are.

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