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July 2011 (7 articles)

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Gonzalo is bigger than expected


Tropical Storm Gonzalo is causing problems in Barbuda as gusts and heavy rain bring down trees in the village.

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Emrick John is elected in lowest…


One of the lowest turn outs ever on Barbuda saw Mr Emrick John (ABLP) elected onto Council in the by-election of 29th September, winning by...

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Cruise ships to call in 2015 (ha…


Cruise ships to call in 2015 (haven't we heard this before?)

The typically unimaginative option of Cruise Ship Tourism raises its ugly head in Barbuda again since the Barbuda Council signed an agreement with Denco Management...

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By Election date set


The date set for the by-election will be 29th September 2014. The need for the by-election arose when Arthur Nibbs became a Government Minister and...

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Wages still unpaid despite elect…


According to the Observer newspaper Barbuda Council workers are now owed a total of 21 weeks wages and despite election promises continue to wait. “There...

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