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July 2011 (7 articles)

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BPM call for by-election


BPM is seeking clarification from the Chairman of the Electoral Comission and the Supervisor of Elections in Antigua regarding the continuation of Arthur Nibbs' position...

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Minister for Agriculture, Lands …


Minister for Agriculture, Lands and Barbuda affairs

Arthur Nibbs has been given the prestigious position of Minister for Agriculture, Lands and Barbuda affairs in the new cabinet.  This is in addition to...

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Election results - ABLP all the …


The voting has finished, and the results are waiting official confirmation. Trevor Walker (BPM) lost by one vote (484) to Arthur Nibbs (ALP) (485) after a...

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HMV Concorde - three men are fou…


Many Barbudan fishermen and women joined the search for the missing crew and one passenger on Lindy's boat last night. It put a welcome end...

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