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jicky-in-the-studioOrdrick Samuel, also known as Jicky or Montgomery, operates the MRS Radio Station from his home, broadcasting from noisy speakers on the roof of his house from Monday to Saturday at 7 am and when necessary in the afternoon. He provides Barbudans with his opinion on a range of matters, gives general news announcements, village information and notices, birthday celebrations and contributes widely to local gossip. MRS Radio sometimes features guests including local preachers. Jicky can be contacted on (268) 460-0087 or on his cell phone 721-3239. Jicky is also a Calypsonian, winning the Monarch title three times at Caribana. He has produced four cd's of his music including a Christmas cd and appears on Youtube singing his compositions.  So here on JLN we report some of the latest news as it happens in Barbuda as we have done for over ten years, and you can look back over that time in our archives. We try to feature events relevant to Barbudans anywhere in the world, for example Council news, family reunions or graduations. Use our e mail link to provide information about your activity and we will include it here. You can also post messages and read other bits and pieces on our facebook page.

Fresh Water - but will it be free?

The water supply has suddenly improved after the reverse osmosis plant was apparently put into action this week. There were no announcements as usual, no information from APUA, but after a week of having the water going on and off every ten minutes it suddenly tasted fresh and drinkable and nothing like the salty brackish water of the past twenty years. Now they just need to connect everyone to it and keep it on ALL THE TIME. 

Caribana Over

J'ouvert 2016All the news is on our facebook pages, well, most of it. Nearly every evening event started hours late and that's enough to stop us going to anything... it's supposed to be for families. It was a fun, happy and safe Caribana 2016, but Barbuda culture? More of a long weekend away for Antigua.


Barbuda's Top Young Jockey at Caribana

young jockeyAs her parting gift to the island at the end of her year, Ms Antigua and Barbuda - Asha Frank - has sponsored an award to encourage and support the best young jockey currently racing on Barbuda. This award was made possible by the Antigua Turf Club who provided the cash prize. The winner will be named on Sunday at the Caribana horse race, and will be decided colectively by the committee of the Barbuda Turf Club. They are looking for safe and skillful riding. 

Goodbye Dulcina

Dulcina ruins at Riverclearing the old buildingsThe remains of Dulcina hotel and areas of mangrove undergrowth are cleared to make room for the Prime Minister's wife hotel project at River; the full terms and details of which have not been made available to the people of Barbuda. The link given here to The Observer article and comments has used a picture of Palmetto Hotel by mistake, but they did at least attribute it to the website.

Another Gravesnor Landing lease approved

A development - turned down under a different name by the previous UPP government as lacking evidence of the necessary capital - has now had a lease approved by the ABLP council. The US $450 million project to be built over beautiful natural salt ponds, campsites and areas of National Park is said to include two five star hotels, an 18-hole golf course, a 126 mega yacht marina, a polo field, 145 villa residences, 40 commercial units, 74 residential apartments and a donkey sanctuary... was rejected in 2012.

Mackenzie Frank - Chair of BPM - said the CEO of Stanhope Shepherd International Limited, Adam Barrett, was unable to fulfil most of the requirements outlined in the country’s Land Act at that time. Barrett then teamed up with Peter Virdee to establish a joint venture – Gravenor Virdee Developments Ltd.  The latest lease document names the developer as Gravesnor Virdee Developments Ltd and not Stanhope Shepherd International Limited, as was previously brought before the Council. Mr Frank pointed out ' That organisation has never presented an application to the Barbuda Council. They have never presented anything under the name that the Governor General is now being asked to sign a lease for and in our opinion this is illegal'.  The BPM Chairman is also querying the low price at which the 987 acres of land is being leased.

Barbuda's new airline - just for Caribana?

I called them to see if it was true; Kyle said YES! There would be 10 flights a day at $25 USD one way! I was so shocked that I forgot to ask them if they want to be on the website. So let's see if this is just a cheap ticket for Antiguans to get to Caribana or a long lasting game-changer for Barbudans going to Antigua for essential goods and services. Except that they might not have been approved by the Aviation Authority and they are also apparently landing at Coco Point - which is a long and bumpy taxi ride into the village.

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Now, it's been too long.
Too long, too long in slavery.
Free the people and let them move in liberty
Now, it's been too long.
Too long, too long in slavery.
So the struggle continue.
But while the struggle continue, I'm going to tell you.
We rastaman will set the world free...

Joseph Hill - Culture

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